Review: Wall Street Window Guides Stock Traders through Success

Stock trading is a serious and complicated business. To ensure trading success, one must not rely on skills and knowledge alone. That’s why educational trading sites like the Wall Street Window are there to help traders earn more profits and prevent huge losses.

What is Wall Street Window?

Wall Street Window is an online community of trading analysts, independent investors, and newsletter writers who assist each other in achieving success in the current financial markets. This site has 140,000 visitors and 350,000 page views every month. It also has more than 80,000 opt-in email subscribers.

How it works

A trader can gain a lot of tips and insights on the stock market by subscribing to the various services offered by Wall Street Window. Its founder, Mike Swanson, writes a weekly analysis on the financial markets. The weekly technical analysis includes a basic macro view of the stock market and the economy so that price trends and action can be used to determine the entry and exit points on the markets. In the analyses, the world markets are taken into account as well. Opportunities outside the U.S. stock markets, particularly, in Europe, Asia, and Russia are closely examined and focused on.

Aside from financial market analyses, subscribers receive stock market news that the financial media fails to report on. Subscribers are regularly kept abreast of the latest developments in the financial market. In addition, they are alerted when critical stocks are in for a stock trading opportunity.

How to use it

A trader just needs to browse through the Wall Street Window site and sign up to avail of the stock market mastery course and premium services offered by the site. Traders may also opt to receive the weekly newsletter to keep themselves informed about the latest trends in the financial markets. After signing up for the newsletter, a customer will start receiving issues that contain commentaries on the markets, educational materials, and investment insights. Other topics covered by the newsletter include stock market basics, gold stocks, credit crisis, and stock picks.

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