Top 13 Financial Books That We Recommend

finance books

You can learn a lot more by reading financial management books.

I like to read and have found that reading can open up nearly any subject you want to learn about. We had always run our household finances on a general budget but we came to the point where we wanted to tighten things up. I didn’t want any money leaking out that could be used better, namely retirement and college savings.

Of course I began to dig around looking for financial management books that would help me to solidify our budget. Sure enough I found some and have learned a great deal in the process.

I have also read a couple of books on related subjects that have helped shape my current views on financial management. They vary in topic from investing, frugal living to career choices.

I would like to introduce you to some financial management books and also a few other books that cover other related topics as well.

You may also find them helpful as you pursue financial freedom for you and your family.

Read the list below and read the books you find interesting:

  1. Debt Proof Living – The Complete Guide to Living Financially Free by Mary Hunt

  2. 48 Days To Creative Income by Dan Miller

  3. The Total Money Makeover – A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey

  4. Bogle on Mutual Funds – New Perspectives for the Intelligent Investor by John Bogle

  5. The Millionaire in You by Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D.

  6. The World’s Easiest Guide To Finances by Larry Burkett

  7. Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey

  8. The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason

  9. Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

  10. Jesus Entrepreneur – Using ancient wisdom to launch and live your dreams by Laurie Beth Jones

  11. 48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller

  12. Rich In Every Way by Gene Getz

  13. How To Survive Without A Salary by Charles Long