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Freddie Rick

BetterTrades founder Freddie Rick grew up in the small town of Kentwood, LA, and exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. While other kids were playing, Freddie was usually working, creating his own small businesses or helping out at his father's welding shop.

His path toward founding BetterTrades began after he left the U.S. Marine Corp in 1990.

After a turn in network marketing, Freddie began to explore the possibility of trading the stock market. After spending several months learning how to trade, an often-painful process, Freddie began to identify methods and strategies that he found workable in the marketplace. He recorded the step-by-step learning process and assembled it into a program he could teach to others.

In 1998, Freddie and his wife, Mitzi, founded Long Term - Short Term, Inc. with the idea of providing investing and finance education to regular people. However, their concept differed greatly from other companies. They wanted to prove that learning how to trade stocks and options was a skill that could be acquired by anyone given proper instruction. Even more important, they wanted others to understand that learning how to take control of their personal finances and investments was the best way to go.

Freddie and Mitzi began to teach friends and acquaintances about finances and trading in their local area. Their trading classes became so popular that in 2002, Freddie began to build and expand his class schedule under the name BetterTrades.

For more background on Freddie Rick, read about his early life growing up in a small town. His favorite books and favorite stocks are listed to provide inspiration. Learn about Freddie's vision of financial freedom when he founded Better Trades and his business interests. His humanitarian work is also detailed and his social causes are outlined. Freddie's press coverage and his work culture are also presented.